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NATRUE Certified Beauty OWAY Products

JULY 30, 2020


Natrue Certified Beauty

Oway is so Proud to share this wonderful skincare certification with you, it's so exciting to know how the natural and fair trade principles can give such amazing results.

NATRUE IS ONE OF THE MOST SERIOUS AND AUTHORITATIVE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION BODIES: Rejoicing because it provides extremely restrictive standards to ensure the products are natural. Natrue Certified Beauty defines strict rules in terms of raw materials, formulations, production processes, and packaging. Each Natrue certified product is subjected to checks and inspections by the certification body, which verifies that the company complies with the rules of certification throughout the entire process. WHAT ARE THE RULES FOR CERTIFICATION? *NO TRACE OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED INGREDIENTS. *IS NOT EXPOSED TO IONISING RADIATION OF THE RAW MATERIALS AND DURING THE PRODUCTION PROCESS. *VERY HIGH PERCENTAGES OF NATURAL AND NATURALLY DERIVED RAW MATERIALS. *MINIMUM PERCENTAGE OF SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS IN EACH FORMULA. *ONLY INGREDIENTS OBTAINED USING NATURAL PROCESSES THAT DO NOT IMPACT NEGATIVELY ON THE ENVIRONMENT. *ONLY RECYCLABLE PACKAGING AND NO USE OF HALOGENATED PLASTICS.

Learn about the Most Natural Way to gather the Ingredients with Biodynamic Agriculture: That is why in all our formulas, we add ingredients from certified Biodynamic Agriculture because it is the purer and cleaner type of cultivation: free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers used in conventional agriculture, respects the plant and the environment. It allows obtaining the purest active ingredients, focused and effective, in respect of health and the ecosystem.

How Does Biodynamic Do It? We maintain soil fertility by respecting man, plants, the soil, and the planet, this insures strong plants so they can defend themselves from climatic adversities, pests, and parasites, without the use of any synthetic chemicals. This gives us ingredients of the highest quality which are full of their purest functional active ingredients. Does That Help with Allergies? Natrue Certified Beauty Methods and Formulas designed to reduce the risk of allergies. By using Biodynamics to develop the formulas, OW BEAUTY carried out a careful selection of raw materials, choosing more natural and potentially less irritating ingredients. Accurate clinical tests conducted on volunteers at Italian Universities allow validating the excellent tolerability of OW BEAUTY products. That is why our skincare is Natrue Certified Beauty Products always NICKLE TESTED and DERMATOLOGICALLY tested selecting each ingredient in the formulation phase, significantly reduce the risk of sensitization and allergies.

Watch your skin become softer and smoother. Working with nature, rather than put colorants and synthetics that would compromise naturalness. This gives our skin the ability to become more Alive. is so glad to team up with click the link to see how it happened.


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