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De-Stress Tonic Potion

Updated: May 20, 2023

May 20, 2023


anti-stress face toner from Oway
Oway De-Stress Tonic Potion

De-Stress Tonic Potion

Reactivating, anti-stress face toner with biodynamic walnut, organic echinacea, ethically produced violet rice and alpine skullcap.

This is Oway's light lotion that gives brightness to the complexion. Provides energy to the skin and carries out an anti-fatigue, soothing and anti-radical action. produces a thin layer of hydration, preparing the skin for subsequent treatments. The Superactive ingredient in this toner lotion is Alpine Skullcap. At the heart of the formula, the Alpine Skullcap is an active ingredient from organic agriculture, grown on the green Swiss Alps. In vitro tests show that this pure active ingredient increases the production of beta-endorphins. our neurotransmitters that are naturally present in the body which cause euphoria and happiness. The Alpine Skullcap also has the ability to stimulate the production of lipids for pleasantly soft and moisturized skin. The presence of polysaccharides in its composition finally performs an anti-inflammatory and soothing action.

This is the most extraordinary toner I've ever tried, being made of herbs with no alcohol it feels amazing.


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