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Happy Thanksgiving!

NOVEMBER 24, 2021

Photo by: Makenzie McDaniel

Each year seems to pass by even faster than the year before, which is why it is important to celebrate the good times with friends and family. These could include simple walks to a local park, grocery shopping with your significant other, preparing for game day, picking up your children from school, and celebrating the holidays.

This Thanksgiving is unlike most, as we are all gathering together again after a long and difficult couple of years. As we sit around the dinner table, looking into each other's eyes, and smiling from ear to ear, we realize how thankful we are for all of the simple, priceless things in life. We are thankful for the sister who has consoled us through every break-up and the father that protects us during a storm. We are thankful for the giggles and the hugs that our mothers give to us and we are thankful for grandpa's questionable yet silly jokes.

Regardless of who you surround yourself with this Thanksgiving, take an extra moment to appreciate that they are here with you, in good health, and creating happy memories with the most important person in this world - you.

As we all tend to focus on everyone around us, ensuring that our loved ones are comfy and cozy, well-fed and happy, it is also important to remember to take care of and acknowledge yourself for how wonderful and accomplished you are. While looking in the mirror, give praise to yourself for how undoubtedly beautiful you are, from inside your heart to the sweet glimmer of your skin. Look into your eyes and admire the color of your irises and all of the sweet details that become of you. Appreciate the tender freckle beneath your eye, and the smile line that gilds your cheek. Every winkle is a trophy and every scar is a mark of survival and strength. Love yourself sweetly, and everything else will fall into place simply.

Thank you for the amazing and priceless "you" that you are. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us, to you!

Cheers, Your friends at La Nova Beauty Salon

WRITTEN BY Makenzie McDaniel

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