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My name is Gina Goff 775 560 6775

I am proud of my deep roots in our Silver State and grateful to bring the restorative gifts of massage, body/energy work to your life.

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Daily Stress Relievers Fully Clothed

Walk In Welcome

I believe Self-care is Health care. In a time when demands, stressors, and illnesses are at an all-time high, people often place self-care at the very end of their to-do lists.


I chose the massage profession because I truly feel we are deserving of optimal wellness and that we live more vibrant when we feel aligned- Heart/Mind/Body/Spirit. These clothed bodywork sessions may use aromatherapies, minimal oil or lotions, and/or hot or cold towels.

They are designed to realign and restore balance in the body so you can be more vibrant.


Reflex/Zone Pattern

$40/30 minutes, $80/60 minutes 

(Hands or Feet)

A 5,000-year-old system based on traditional Chinese Medicine.

Activates the body's innate healing power, balancing all organs in the body, assisting in the unrestricted flow of energy and the removal of toxins.


 Chair Massage

$20/15 minutes, $40/30 minutes

This seated session allows for quick relief from stress, pain, and inflammation. The position of the chair helps circulation and oxygen flow, so the body can be energized quickly. 

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Energy

$80/60 minutes

A Japanese treatment designed to improve the flow of vital energy (Chi) throughout the body. Reduces stress promotes relaxation, and the feeling of peace, to regain the feeling sense of security and well-being. Works in conjunction with medical treatments to relieve side effects and speed healing.



Base Table Massage:

$80/60 minutes

$100/90 minutes

For your personal service

please text for an appointment.

Evening and weekends are available.

Gina Goff 775 560 6775

Massage, Bodywork Services

I strive to deliver a highly customized, professional session tailored to you! 

Your first session will include an assessment and a brief intake form. For all sessions, we'll discuss your goals and together we will create and agree upon a plan for treatment. All forms of table massage are performed at your level of comfort of (un)dress, with utmost professional conduct being maintained. I'll use fractionated organic coconut oil (unless the allergy is indicated at the time of scheduling). 

Two Specialized Treatments

Scar Tissue Remodeling Massage: $100/60 minutes

Mobilization of scar tissue and tissue restrictions in the fascia following surgery or muscle injury. This technique aids the healing process, improving range of motion, strength, flexibility, and mobility. ** Wounds must be completely closed. Requires physician approval.

Pregnancy Massage: $100/60 minutes, $120/90 minutes

A gentle nurturing massage designed to reduce stress/fatigue/insomnia and improve physiological function.

Specialized techniques give musculo-skeletal ease, improve posture, enhance placental function and increase energy. **Restrictions may apply. Please call for details.

Treatment Add-Ons

$5.00 each

Aromatherapy: DoTerra Essential Oils can be applied topically or added to the face cradle.

CBD Oil or DoTerra Deep Blue Rub: Applied topically to assist in relieving discomfort /pain.

Kinesio Tape: Provides support for the movement, and relieves pain in muscles, joints, and/or ligaments post-massage.

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