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MAY 23, 2021


Let us discover the therapeutic benefits of lavender and how many wonderful ways lavender can bring us health. Read on to discover which OWAY products have this fantastic plant as an essential ingredient.

Imbedded into this blog are links that will help easily guide you to some amazing discoveries about this herb.

Lavender oil has been used for centuries to help with pain, depression and insomnia, just to name a few.

In my herb garden at the salon, we have a few varieties of lavender. I enjoy watching the bees feast all day on the flowers. In the heart of summer, I pick mint and lavender with rosemary to make tea from the fresh herbs because of how much I appreciate the aroma and flavor of these delicate herbs.

Some key products we have with this beneficial ingredient is:

Oway H-Balance Shampoo rebalances the hair's pH levels and neutralizes any alkaline residues after technical services. Its gentle, yet effective surfactants properly remove product buildup, while nourishing the hair and providing shine. This is a bar shampoo I use after coloring my clients' hair.

Oway Rebuilding Hair Bath gently cleanses and regenerates very damaged hair with a restorative blend of Organic Basil, Biodynamic Iris Flower and an innovative ProDew500® amino acid blend. This is a retail product for restoring healthy hair.

Oway Bio-Rich Water is a versatile spray made with pure essential oil hydrolates that invigorate the mind, body, and hair. It lightly hydrates and eliminates toxins, making it an ideal spray for cutting hair, setting makeup, or detoxifying any space. I use this all-around smooth, detangling, refreshing spray on all of my clients.

With Oway Green-Chemistry and hydrolate processing, so many beneficial properties are in each product; the science is truly masterful. As users, we get to enjoy the beautiful aromatherapy with each shampoo and conditioning treatment.

When people walk into our salon, they admire how great it smells, which is the best compliment that I want to pass on to our friends in Italy. Thank you, Laura Segura


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