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How to Care for Sun-Damaged Hair

JULY 23, 2020


SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! Sun damage to your hair can be a problem when it starts to get warmer out. Summer is almost here and that means more sunshine on skin and hair. Although we love the sun, it does cause a wear and tear on our skin and hair that we have spent so much time preserving.

As summer goes on, and we spend more time outside, we see changes and damage to hair that are caused by the sun's harsh rays, wind, and the dryness in the air. Not to mention, our skin and hair soaks up chlorine and salt from pool and beach time. Over time, this causes dryness, the dullness, and split ends due to lack of moisture and a bleaching of our natural oils.

PRODUCTS TO HELP SUN DAMAGE TO HAIR Oway has a few products to help beat the sun in its Sunway line. Oway’s After-Sun Hair and Body Bath effectively removes chlorine, salt and other residues from the hair and body. Then, the hair and body bath gently moisturizes the hair fiber with its natural oils. To use this product just massage onto damp hair and rinse. Some of the natural ingredients it possesses are bio dynamic Anise which performs an antioxidant action that fights free radicals. Organic Baobab, that has fatty acids that improves the elasticity and strengthens the lipid layer of the hair, Passion Fruit which has oil that hydrates hair and fights dehydration.

The after-sun hair and body bath pairs with the After-Sun Hair Mask. This is the conditioner for your hair to help repair and nourish your hair back to its vibrant state. This mask provides nourishment and protection to hair that has suffered the effect of the sun, salt and chlorine. To use this product, just apply (preferably after using the After-Sun hair and bath and body) to clean, wet hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. The main ingredients in this product are Passion fruit, Bio dynamic Anise, and Organic Baobab. These products in Oway's Sunway line will let you enjoy all that the spring and summer time has to offer, without having to worry about the effects it may have on your hair. With organic beauty, we can have the best of both worlds. Find out more about the Sunway line at . Enjoy your beach time! is so glad to team up with click the link to see how it happened.


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