The best way we have found to use our key products. 



We would like to give you a complete understanding of the Oway Product's.


All of the shampoos are called bath. I believe this is in order to distinguish between the conventional shampoo and how our bath's work. 

If you are just starting the journey into natural products then the lack of lather might need explanation. Oway uses completely no unnaturally derived ingredients into their bath's or condition products. Therefore the amount of lather is very minimal. 


The best way to use Oway Bath:

Completely wet your Hair, completely wet your hands, put 2 to 3 pumps into your hands and rub vigorously until distributed and a little lather appears, then distribute evenly over your head. As you massage you will notice it expands and moves throughout and into your hair. 

This is a luxury product you should take time and enjoy the experience. 

Oway conditioners come in two variables as a pump, the frequent use and the smoothing. The other conditioners are called mask, they are in tube's. Both variables are the creamy in shower conditioning treatments and can be used daily or as a deep extra, simply by leaving it in longer. 

The best way to use Oway Mask or Conditioner:

After rinsing the bath add about a fava been or nickle size in your hands and rub evenly, then move your hands over the surface of your hair caressing and pushing the cream into the ends of your hair. As you massage you will notice your hair becomes more pliable and moisturized.

Enjoy giving your hair true natural health and see how beautiful it becomes.

Plant and Mineral Refresh our dry shampoo is designed with a small shaker top, all you do is add a few shakes to your desired area, rub in brush through and done. It does not flake or weigh hair down.


Bath and Body wash this is a wonderful combination. Designed to help restore hair and skin after sun exposure.

After Sun Mask is a pure nutrition and moisture replenishing after sun.

Elixir spray on hair before and after sun exposure. Has UV protection and super nutrition for your hair.

Body Balm is an all over cream for restoring and hydrating after sun exposure, after shower while still damp rub over entire body or exposed area.


Bath add 1 pump to your favorite shampoo to keep your blonde true, your black bright and your silver glittering. You can also use by itself for more violet hue.

Mask add a pee size to your hand with your favorite conditioner, massage through. You can also use as a deep condition and leave in for 30min will give a more violet hue.



Root Spray remove safety cap by pulling straight out, on wet hair spray on roots where desired lift, dry and style.

Frequent Use:



Phytoprotein Mist spray on wet or dry hair each day to build strength.

Regrowth and Remedies:

Micro stimulating Bath, Sebum Balance Bath, Purify Dry or Oily Bath, Soothing Bath

Densifying or Vivifying Remedy pull safety cap straight out then spray on scalp directly in location desired every day.


Curly Bath

Curly Mask

Curly Potion after you have wet and combed through your hair put 2 to 3 pumps in hands and rub together distributing evenly through hands then run your fingers and hands throughout your hair strands. When you feel it is evenly distributed then scrunch curls or form curls as desired. Let set. Curl will be bouncy and in place all day with no flakes.




No Rinse Moist Spray while hair is wet or damp spray evenly over hair strands, allow to dry or blow dry and style. Aids in retaining moisture.

Color Protection:



Veil spray on wet , damp, or dry hair every day before styling to protect the color molecules from oxidizing with heat tools or sun exposure.




Cream While hair is still wet rub evenly into hands then hair to control frizz for blow out styling. Will aid to control frizz and maintain even smoothness throughout the day.

Fluid put 2 or 3 pumps into hands rub evenly throughout hair strands on damp or dry hair to give sleek shine to the hair.

Silk n' Glow:



Serum use on damp or dry hair to give nutrition, tame frizz, add shine and protect from hot tools.

Men Care:

Silver Steel Bath for silver, black, blonde to add shine and remove brassy tones.

Hair and Body Invigorating Wash every day use 2 in 1 moisturizing wash.

Face & Beard Hydrating Cleanser push a pee size into fingertips rub evenly over wet skin of face and neck to cleanse each day.

Nocturnal Hair Remedy pull safety cap straight out to remove then spray directly on scalp each night before sleep to aid the natural rhythm of hair growth and strengthen follicles.

Softening Shave Cream push a pee size into fingertips rub evenly onto wet skin of desired shave area, proceed with shaving.

Repairing Aftershave Balm when skin is still damp from shaving use one pump on ring fingers and middle fingers rub together and apply to skin face and neck.

Lip and Beard Salve use a pinky nail size to rub through beard mustache and on lips then comb the hair into desired shape.

Face & Eye Energizing Texture dab with ring fingers a small amount around eye area and over skin needing extra hydration and wrinkle control.

Raw Mud for extra strong hold hair styles with no shine.

Bungee Fiber for wavy curly hair, strong hold with flexibility and natural finish.

Water Resin all styles medium hold satin finish.