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Face and Beard Hydrating Cleanser

MARCH 28, 2021


Cleansing for Face and Beard with Biodynamic Juniper, Organic Maqui, Ethical Bacuri and Plant-Derived Hyaluronic Acid. Here are some of the amazing benefits from using the cleanser. Helps remove impurities and excess sebum from face and beard. The Hyaluronic acid gives hydration and helps skin stay young and elastic. Provides freshness and relief to your skin with antioxidant action giving skin a smooth appearance. The Juniper plant and berries have many health benefits, here is a link to give you better knowledge of how to use it for all over health.

There are many ways to receive the benefits of this wonderful plant.

Now let's look at the Organic Maqui plant and all the skin reviving it gives.

This website link helps you understand what power these little berries have. The Ethical Bacuri Plant is something rare. Oway has chosen to add precious ingredients special for men.

This delicate flower develops into a precious fruit with antioxidant action. There are finished butter pictures for you to see.

Also I'm including a link on the properties and how some people use this fruit. For the best results use this cleanser morning and night on a wet face and beard, massage around with small circles and comb through beard with fingers. Rinse. Then apply Face & Eye Energizing Texture as the moisturizer.

We so appreciate Oway for creating a Men's line suited for their needs.

The Primordial Active Ingredients: Organic Maqui, Ethical Bacuri, Zeolite Techno-Botanical Ingredients: Plant-Derived Hyaluronic Acid Biodynamic Phyto Extracts: Juniper Here is another link to learn about our other products


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