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Don't Stress Honey: You Are Not Balding

Cosmetologist Questions #2

“I fear am I getting bald spots!”

Many people ask, “I looked at the back of my hair and…” or “I looked at the top of my head and…”.

This is Laura Segura with professional advice to say, don’t panic, here are a few checkpoints to look at before you jump to the conclusion that you’re going bald.

Do I have more grey hair lately?Is my hair growth pattern changing?Is the texture of my hair changing?Do I see new small hair of different sizes?Is there more hair in the drain after I shampoo or about the same as usual?

Everyone goes through changes with their hair, and as we lose the pigment, it goes dark and light and the texture can change.

If you are worried your case may be a bit more serious, here is a blog that can help you identify chronic balding

How Our Hair Changes Over Time

When we color our hair, we give more of a one-dimensional tone to the hair and when it grows the roots are multi-dimensional and generally getting lighter. Grey hair is very similar in color to our scalp color and we can be fooled by the tones, (especially when you color brown over your natural). Also, when grey grows in, our pattern of growth may change, creating a different part line or swirl pattern.

All this may give you a mirage of a bald spot.

So, take a deep breath, relax, and let's investigate.

Normal growing cycle for hair is about a half inch each month, but remember, it begins underneath the scalp. Each hair has a genetic code for time growth, color and thickness, and that code has programs for changes during your life. So, when you're looking for new growth you want to part your hair and see many different sizes and colors and thickness of the new strands of hair. When you see that, that is a good sign.

Another thing to remember is we are constantly releasing hair about 50 to 80 every day, so if you shampoo and get hair coming out don't panic, its normal.

If you still have doubt, ask your stylist.

Thanks for sharing your life with me.

Laura Segura

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