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Why OWAY is the Best Natural Hair Product

OWAY did not Take the Crown on Accident

OWAY is the best natural hair product on the market because we will not accept less than the highest quality products to enter our bodies! This is a multi-step process starting at the root because we do not skimp of bull shit to make the products seem healthy or look healthy. Our headlines are not a marketing scheme, but a way of life. Every product we make will add value to our customer's hair, bodies and our planet because anything less contributes to the quicker death or our hair, our bodies and our world for the sake of profit. This is what makes OWAY the best natural hair products on the market.

The Best Natural Product: Part 1 – Biodynamics

Biodynamics is our process of farming. It is our first commitment to the earth and our health. What does it mean? It is the highest standard of quality that can be bestowed on a product, but it was not bestowed it was earned. We are the first natural hair product company that has created products that can boast of being biodynamic. Effectively, we have added this category to the beauty industry because we saw that it was lacking and are tired of products that do the job partway – some chemicals are not okay. We are committed to zero chemicals and zero waste.

Biodynamics is the focus on crop rotation and organic – meaning from the earth mineral and nutrient addition. This is achieved through non- man-made organic fertilizer. The animals on the farms create the compost. Additionally, the dead plants remaining after the growing cycle is over add nutrient-dense soil and minerals from the ground. These contributions from mother earth create the highest quality soil on our farms. As a result — the best natural products also. These farms are located in Italy on the ground that has not been artificially touched for over 100 years.

The Best Natural Products: Part 2 – Fair Trade Outsourcing

While a majority of the products are made on our OWAY family farm, some plants are not best suited for the environment. In these cases, they are outsourced to other farmers. These farms are carefully monitored to follow the same biodynamic process on fertile and healthy ground. Additionally, OWAY demands the best treatment of these farmers, because they become part of the OWAY family. Therefore it is paramount that they are treated with OWAY values. The fair trade practices ensure that the families that help grow our plants are treated as valuable contributions through payment and practice.

The Best Natural Product: Part 3 – Distilling

We move the plants from the farm to local distilleries where we make essential oils. Better yet, we even use the water left over from the distilling process as a nutrient-infused liquid as a product Biorich water. This ensures top quality and potent ingredients by surveying and engineering the process precisely and in a chemical-free location.

You Know: Part 4 – Packaging

Oway packs our natural products with 100% decomposition packing peanuts in 100% reused cardboard boxes. This is part of our mission to be a zero-waste and emission company. The products themselves are filled in recyclable glass bottles that can be refilled at OWAY salons across the country. This allows customers the opportunity to reuse their jars instead of buying new ones every month. Join the family and save the planet with our packing and shipping practices!

Find out more about WHY I CHOSE OWAY!

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