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Velvet Body Fluid

APRIL 18, 2021


Velvet Body Fluid,

This is one of Oway's body creams. The Velvet body Fluid has a silky effect, made from Biodynamic Walnut, Organic chia, Ethically Produced Pataua and Herb of Immortality. This lotion is great for all skin types, penetrates and blends immediately to give instant moisture. Improves the integrity of the lipid barrier, giving compactness and and prolonging the youthfulness of the tissues. Our Superactive ingredient is the Herb of Immortality it plays a dual action to restore the integrity of the skin barrier. The herb strengthens the stratum corneum { the outer layer of the skin} for a more supple effect. Also it stimulate the lipid synthesis for a more toned and compact skin.

We suggest having wet hands and damp body massaging with a circular motion to facilitate absorption. For enhanced targeted action, use in combination with SLIM & SHAPE BOOSTER and /or TONE & LIFT BOOSTER.

Here is a link to understand how wonderful chia seed is for you.

So much good stuff about Walnuts more than one link

View the benefits of Pataua oil.

This important herb has some amazing properties. Velvet Body Fluid will restore the integrity of the skin's barrier for immediately softer skin, while stimulating lipid synthesis for more firm, compact skin. Enjoy velvety skin now! thanks for shopping with us formerly


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