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The Perfect Routine to Revive Your Hair Color

JULY 30, 2020


THE PERFECT ROUTINE TO REVIVE YOUR HAIR COLOR The perfect routine to revive your hair color can be hard to find. When you change hair color, you want the luster to stay alive and bright for a long time. The color should look just as vibrant as it was when you left the salon. Even natural, untreated hair can lose shine and look lifeless and dull. However, whether your hair is light or dark, treated or natural, preserving its color can be challenging. A Hair Routine specifically designed to meet these needs can help.

YOUR HAIR COLOR IS DULL: WHY? As seasons change from spring to summer, It is known that summer is the season that challenges your hair. The sun changes your hair’s brightness as well as chlorine, saltwater, exposure to UV rays and frequent washes drain. These factors damage out many of the constituent components of your hair stem. Which is why your hair increasingly appears more lifeless and dehydrated. When summer ends, we resort to a restorative and coloring treatment that remedies damage and awakens your hair beauty. Even winter puts your hair to test. The cold, humidity and smog of winter are just some of the external aggressors that can affect your hair structure. In any season, we must have the perfect routine to revive your hair color to combat all the damaging elements. Cleansing and styling at home also play their part: If you use excessively hot water to wash your hair, coupled with the frequent use of hair dryer and hot plates at high temperatures, you may end up with an opening of the cuticle scales, fragile hair and, for this reason, particularly dry and lifeless.

HOW TO PRESERVE YOUR HAIR COLOR? It is important, to start your HAIR ROUTINE using lukewarm water for cleansing, which is less invasive on hair fibers. Equally essential is to limit the use of aggressive heat sources, and use products that prevent and protect hair structures. The perfect Hair Routine to protect hair color includes a hair bath and mask, with powerful revitalizing and anti-oxidant action. To fight against progressive color fading, apply a color-protective spray lotion on clean hair before proceeding with your styling.

PUT THIS IN YOUR PERFECT HAIR ROUTINE Color Protective Veil is a spray that is used to prevent color fading, with an antioxidant for a revitalizing look. To use this product to protect your hair the best, Apply to clean, towel-dried hair after every wash. Then proceed with styling your hair. This will make sure you are getting the most out of this hair protecting spray. Give a try to OW’s colorUp line for colored or highlighted hair. This product line uses organic Goji, biodynamic Red Grapevine and Fire Tulip Tree provides for anti-oxidant, protective and nourishing action.

ColorUp line has a Color Protectant Hair bath which is a shampoo to hold the color in your hair. It deeply cleanses prolonging color shine. It protects from sun, water and pollution damage. It has completely natural ingredients Biodynamic Red Grapevine and this keeps the color bright and the hair soft. It also includes Organic Goji Berries that revitalize the hair fiber and slow down hair ageing, protecting it from oxidation. Lastly it has the Kakadu Plum which has detoxifying, anti-ageing and energizing properties The joining conditioner is the Color Protectant Hair Mask, to make your hair hold in that color protection. This product detangles and deeply reinvigorates treated hair. The hair mask gives shine and smoothes the cuticle. Made with the same ingredients as the Hair bath, it protects, and keeps the color bright and soft. Along with protecting your hair, why not protect your skin with OWAY’s new line of skin products. Make your skin shine as much as your hair does. Check out the Skin line at is so glad to team up with click the link to see how it happened.


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