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The Benefits of Rosemary in Your Skin and Hair Beauty Routine

March 18, 2020 in OWAY HERBS by LAURA SEGURA

Beneficial Powers of Rosemary The benefits of rosemary in your skin and hair routine is shocking. Rosemary is particularly rich in essential oils and active ingredients. It is an excellent tonic for the entire body. It is also antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and is an invaluable ingredient, even for use on the hair and skin. Among its greatest benefits if made part of your beauty routine:

  • Stimulating: promotes blood circulation on the scalp, thus improving the health and growth of the hair.

  • Anti-oxidant: protects the scalp from aging. Inhibits oxidation of surface lipids.

  • Protective: Rosemary hydrolate protects hair from environmental stress (smog, pollution, sun) and chemical treatments.

From Ortofficina to Organic Way Rituals Oway has chosen to cultivate Rosemary at our Ortofficina farm estate on the hills above Bologna. To cultivate the benefits of rosemary they use the biodynamic method to extract the purest and most precious active ingredients from them. Then harvest the Rosemary during its period of peak-potency, around the end of August. They then gather it into their zero-mile steam distillation plant. They then extract the essential oil and the hydrolat. Hydrolat is a 100% active intelligent water; rich in the functional ingredients of the herb or plants it is derived from. Hydrolat is then blended in Oway’s agricosmetic labs with other organic and biodynamic raw materials and other natural ingredients. Using the benefits of Rosemary is an Active Ingredient in OW Purifying Ritual Rosemary's refreshing, purifying and antimicrobial properties, transform scalp imbalances. Rosemary is an essential active ingredient in the Purifying Hair Bath ritual for scalp and hair with dry or oily scaly dandruff.  The balmy essence of Rosemary combines with the Mediterranean freshness of Bergamot in this unique ritual for a deep-cleansing treatment to normalize the scalp.  Biodynamic Rosemary is one of the active ingredients in another one of Oway’s products. Oway only works to give the best products, that are full of vibrancy and health for your skin and hair beauty. By using products with rosemary you are helping to maximize your health and your beauty.

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