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FEBRUARY 21, 2021


HOT! NEW! LEAVE IN CONDITIONING SPRAY! Oway's new product a wonderful conditioner spray leave in! HURRAY! I gave it a month to try out on my customers before I let all of you know how it works. IT WORKS! Of course it's fabulous. Just look at some of these key ingredients.

Biodynamic Iris Iris possesses the unique ability to adapt to extreme environmental conditions, such as desert and wetland. It is made up of special layers that protect it from drying, and each leaf creates its own microclimate.

Iris rhizomes have powerful astringent and purifying properties, they can also be used to prepare cleansers for oily skin or hair. They have moisturizing and regenerating properties and provide anti ageing benefits and help skin keep its youthful appearance and, add suppleness and softness. Florentine Iris is still used extensively in perfume-making.

Iris owns its wonderful skincare properties to high contents of Carbohydrates, Minerals, and Phenolic compounds such as Isoflavone but also Tannins, Carotenoids, Essential oils, Terpenoids, and much more!

Right from the start this power ingredient helps the hair stay healthy and hydrated. The next item is such a unique example of how the formulators go to incredible imaginative lengths to include healing for our mind, and scalp and hair.

Moonstone has a powerful effect of calming and stabilizing the emotions, so it also has an additional role to play in soothing emotional instability and reducing stress. Moonstone is the best choice for a hair loss treatment. Massage the scalp with a piece of it. Jade and Petrified Wood and Unakite also help. The easiest way to get results is to rinse with crystal water or elixir. This is made by putting the stone(s) into a clear glass container and sitting it in the sun for a couple of hours, or by leaving it for 24 hours to absorb the crystals energies.

With our new Superfuid you don't have to go through all the effort to receive such amazing results. The moonstone is in here just spray after shower and go. Purple Rice Rinsing your hair in a fermented rice water solution for growth and health has been around for centuries. her are some scientific reasons why it works. Rice water contains starch, a complex sugar molecule, along with minerals, vitamins B and E, antioxidants, and amino acids. It also contains an ingredient called Inositol, which is linked to improvements in hair strength. Inositol, or vitamin B9, has been shown to penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen and repair hair. Oway chooses Fair-trade purple rice in it's products for many micro nutrients and world health practice.

Blackthorn This super berry has so much to offer from digestion helper to skin and hair. It is one of those "GRANDMA" remedies, that can help with almost every problem. that is why I put links for many sites for you to research.

Learning about all these key elements to the Superfluid don't you want to use it on your hair everyday. For this last month I noticed, from the shampoo bowl before blow-dry I spray on, and the customers right away comment on the wonderful aroma. As I blow-dry I notice how flexible, shiny and pliable the hair becomes. One thing is when the hair is completely dry there is no evidence of residue from a product, so the hair is able to completely absorb and use the ingredient. This is true from super fine hair to thick course hair. As a hair stylist that is so important, having the customers leave smelling gorgeous and feeling clean.

Thank you Oway another wonderous product for everyone! Here at La Nova Beauty we are so grateful for the Amazing results we receive on our customers everyday with the Skin Care and Hair Care. is so glad to team up with click the link to see how it happened.


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