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Sculpting Mist For Daring Women

Now Your Hair Can Meet Your Standards

Sculpting mist is a stronghold hairspray for styling and exceptional finishes. This plant-based and biodynamically grown savior provides structure without weighing your hair down. Additionally, it doesn’t leave residues but leaves an unforgettable light aromatic scent. Do you know what that means? Say bye to the chemical and crunchy chemical hairspray.

You have the tools, now is the time to try out some new styles. Take a look at some of the best easy updos for hair of all lengths, colors, and styles. Be the daring beauty you were meant to be!

The Secret Ingredients of Sculpting Mist

Biodynamic marrubium – Reinforces the structure of the hair, boosting natural defenses against ultra-violet radiation. Organic black quinoa – Rich in high-quality vegetable proteins, it nourishes and protects the hair fiber. Aamla – Gives shine to the hair, nourishes and invigorates. Ethically-produced marula – With restorative, protective and hydrating properties.

OWAYS Commitment to You, Your Hair, Our Planet

As always, OWAY products are made with the unwavering vision and mission to heal our bodies, our hair, and our planet. This vegan, plant-based, organic, and biodynamically grown products do not contain anything extra. Furthermore, all ingredients are made on our family farm in Italy on the ground that has not been touched by any man-made substance for over 100 years, yup that’s right, not even man-made organic fertilizers are used – our donkeys handle the compost.

  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly formula

  • Provides long-lasting hold and structure

  • Doesn’t leave the hair weighed down, flakey or wet

  • Packaged in infinitely recyclable amber glass to protect ingredient integrity

  • Cruelty-Free + Vegan


Sculpting Mist to Sculpt Your Life

Continuing on, you know how this exceptionally made product will add value to your life and vibrancy to your life and hair so let's finish it up. Let me tell you how I like to use it, and maybe you can pick up these hairdressing tips to look fresh from the salon every morning! To begin, it is best to use sculpting mist on dry hair after you have finished styling to set your hair into place. You can mold and continue sculpting your hair fro up to three minutes after you spray. Straight, curly, wedding updo or a church service – its time to look your best for every occasion.

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