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Sage for Hair: Magic Properties

JULY 30, 2020


MAGIC PROPERTIES OF SAGE FOR HAIR Sage for Hair is incredible and revered in many cultures for healing and restoring . Moreover, the sage family tree boasts illustrious relatives. For example, in the Lamiaceae family we find aromatic herbs such as mint, thyme, oregano and rosemary. As I am sure you know, the powerful and unmistakable aromas run in the family. Thanks to the green-grey elongated oval leaves (covered with fine hairs), sage loves the sun. Finally between June and July, the branches produce expressive purple or lilac petals. As a matter of fact, in ancient times its innumerable properties (a medicinal remedy, a gastronomic flavor, a secret of well-being and a recipe for "eternal" beauty) even led to believe that it was the antidote to every evil. While that may not be the common belief now, the elixir of a long healthy life has proved itself to be the synthesis of the perfect balance between body and mind.

WHAT IS SAGE GOOD FOR? Absolutely, I realize that those are very bold statements, but this small evergreen shrub - which prefers warmth but fears neither frost nor drought has proven itself worthy. For example, Sage is known for being anti-inflammatory, digestive, balsamic, disinfectant, antioxidant and bactericidal. What's more, it helps with the ability to memorize. It awakens from the torpor of tiredness, contrasts depressive states and is said to be the most precious ally of women and the worst enemy of their hormonal disorders. THE HISTORY OF SAGE FOR HAIR If this is such a fantasist plant! I wondered what it had been used for in the past, and learned quite a bit. In particular, at the time of the Greeks and Romans it was a sacred plant, whose collection represented a privilege for the few. Alternatively, in Ancient Egypt it was associated with immortality. Furthermore, according to Chinese tradition it procures longevity. It doesn't stop there, in the Middle Ages medical practices chose it as a portentous healing agent for the most difficult wounds and sores. At home, for my family, I make a tea with our own sage, mint, rosemary, and oregano in order to keep us well during cold and flu season. Thankfully, now OWAY is investigating and exploring all of the possible applications, beyond myths and beliefs. Already using OWAY hair colors? Here are my suggestions on how to maintain your color and shine with the ColorUp protective family: COLORUP FAMILY YES! COLOR PROTECTION HAIR BATH HELLO COLOR PROTECTION HAIR MASK FINALLY COLOR PROTECTION VEIL is so glad to team up with click the link to see how it happened.


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