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Next-Day Cream

MARCH 02, 2021


Oway Next-Day Cream is a lightweight texturizing hair cream, perfect for achieving tousled texture and "lived in" looks. Its soft, versatile formulation makes it ideal for creating control on fine hair types, as well as enhancing natural waves and curl patterns. I wanted to use it for a month before I told you all about it. I have very thick hair but it likes to hang in my face. I realize that this light weight cream was perfect. I put it in my hair it seemed to disappear, but my hair stayed out of my way and out of my eyes.

I have a client with super fine hair that I have been washing and working on strengthening it.

I added the next day cream with the glossy nectar before she went home, the next week washing her hair she commented about how her hair felt great, and the style stayed longer.

Moonstone Extract strengthens and smooths the surface of the hair, making it silky and accentuating the reflection of light. Biodynamic Iris Flower Extract is rich in regenerating rhizomes and isoflavones, which deliver weightless hydration to the hair and offer protection against environmental stress.

Organic Blackthorn Extract infuses the hair with elasticity and hydration.

Ethical Purple Rice Extract is rich in antioxidants which help protect the hair from external aggressions


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