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Natural Detangler: A Fat Finger to the Chemical Man

AUGUST 12, 2020


What did I notice first? … The smell was incredible!

It is a blend of Biodynamic Hazel which was added to instantly soften and nourish the hair to make it easy to comb, Organic Honey which adds shine and smoothness, and Ethical Murumuru which is a special mixture of hair proteins that repairs and deeply nourishes dry brittle hair.

I could not imagine I had spent so many years using chemically infused detanglers that left a thick residue and stung my nose when these beautiful combination of ingredients were far better than any other product I had used.

A fantastic product from OWAY is no-rinse moist conditioner is a very lightweight leave in spray that softens, detangles, and de-frizzes hair. It left my hair smelling incredible and much softer than I anticipated. It is very simple to use. After I shower in the morning, I towel dry my hair and then spritz spritz spritz before brushing it out… which is now easy peasy. Sometimes I give it a blow dry, but I mostly just leave the house with it slightly damp — Whala — Donezo! It comes in a glass spray bottle and is refillable due to OWAYS environmental programs and is glass recyclable. If you are struggling with unruly, frizzy, damaged or coarse hair, give no-rinse moist conditioner a try! Your hair will thank you for it. ~ Unanimous head of obnoxious hair and lover of no-rinse moist conditioner ~

Preservative Free | Petroleum Free | PEG, PPG, & BG FREE | EDTA Free | Artificial Colorants Free | Synthetic Fragrance Free | Nickel Tested to browse all of OWAYS products. Take care of your hair naturally!

FINDING YOUR PERFECT PRODUCT If you have any questions about what product will best suit your hair and your hair vision, I am always happy to help. Shoot me an email at Or text @ 775.315.9300 I am quick to respond and so happy to help on your journey to healthy and happy hair!


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