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Dry Shampoo: Natural Miracle On the Go

What are the benefits of dry cleansing and the steps for best use?


Dry shampoo is the time-saving ally that should never be missing in any bag and beauty case.

DRY SHAMPOO: What is it for? Although it does not replace the classic shampoo, dry shampoo is used without water and extends the time between regular washes. This powder is perfect to take on the road or before an event because, let's face it, sometimes our hair looks and feels greasy. When time is limited and the need to be practical increases, it extends styling and freshens the hair. Dry shampoo can also be used on clean hair to obtain more volume! Natural dry shampoos no longer contain the aggressive formulations of 1970's products. Adding a dry shampoo to your beauty routine is easier than it seems, with innovative and eco-friendly formulas that are beneficial to the scalp, hair, and our planet!

PLANT & MINERAL REFRESH: the Oway botanical-mineral blend This dry shampoo is called Plant & Mineral Refresh. The Organic Way botanical-mineral waterless cleansing blend, gives new life to the scalp and hair. Additionally, it adds volume and is ideal for between regular washings. Amazingly, it is 100% of botanical and mineral origin. It allows you to refresh your look without the need for water because it absorbs excess sebum and leaves your hair light, voluminous, and delicately scented. It is great when time is limited because your hair looks freshly washed without the shower time. Furthermore, it decreases thermal stresses resulting from the use of hot drying and styling tools, and helps the hairstyle last longer.

See product and ingredients here:

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Plant & mineral refresh is suitable for thick or thin, straight, curly, and wavy hair because it gives body without weighing the hair down. Made with biodynamic mint essential oil, organic orange essential oil, ethical pink clay, and zeolite mineral ingredients.

DRY SHAMPOO: How to Use It is necessary to follow a few simple but very important steps to avoid unpleasant residues and maximize the blend’s benefits: 1- Shake the blend to mix it to perfection. 2- Comb hair to prevent entanglement. 3- Apply product evenly on the roots (the less you use the better; apply just a bit of product). 4- Massage to distribute the product. 5- If necessary, brush to eliminate any residues.

This dry shampoo is a favorite of my two daughters!

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