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Best Salon & Spa In Carson City

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Best Salon & Spa In Carson City

LaNova Beauties Mission

The Best Salon & Spa in Carson City is no small claim, but come in to decide for yourself! La Nova Beauty exists to transform the culture of a hair and beauty salons. We strive to create this reality through exclusively using organic, chemical free, and plant based products. This takes place in every aspect of hair, skin, and nail care. From shampoo and nail polish to color and facial cream everything is void of chemicals and made from organic plant extracts. Stepping into our space is a blanket of serenity with plant, fresh tea and the aroma of lavender and peppermint essential oils filling the air.

La Nova Beauty is the first threshold in fulfilling my dream of making my clients feel beautiful without compromising their health. I have personally experienced the damaging effects of the color, bleach, perm solution and acrylic nails that I have worked with. When I became sick from chemical overload 10 years ago, I set out on a journey to find a product line that would allow me to continue doing what I love and keep me and my clients safe. 35 years into my profession, I am so happy to introduce La Nova Beauty as the best salon & spa in Carson City and as an example of quality and health for the future of salons.

Our Services

Our Menu of Services is attached HERE! Please feel free to call and text with questions or to inquire about any of the treatments and services. We cannot wait to welcome you to LaNova Beauty.

Furthermore, we offer a full range of hair care from cuts and colors, to permanents and shampoos with sets. Additionally, state of the art technology reduces wrinkles and moisturizes with Mahiras facials, full body waxing, eyelash extensions and fills. In the hands and feet department -- organic polish and gel to go along with manicures and luxury pedicures with optional hot stones are available.

Our Experts

The best salon & spa in Carson City would be nothing without the experts behind the chair and table.  I am so proud to introduce our exceptionally skilled staff of experts in their field. Without a doubt, they contribute to the exceptional service and treatments that we are able to offer and I could not enjoy them more.

Laura Lynn Segura: Cosmetologist

A word from Laura: "I am so blessed to own LaNova Beauty Salon and Spa and work doing what I love in such a serene and beautiful space. My Cosmetology License was granted by the California State Board in 1990 and by the Nevada State Board in 2003.  When people ask, I tell them, I do what I do because I love people. And that is absolutely the truth, I adore making them feel good. It is healing, therapeutic, and emotionally strengthening for them. I also love the science of formulas and the art of color placement and haircuts."

Mahira Gomez: Esthetician 

A word from Mahira: "Alhambra California is where I received my license 1o years ago. I'm passionate about what I do because I can help people feel better about their appearance and relax at the same time. "

Jezalea Segura: Nail Technician

A word from Jezalea: " I received mt license in Reno, Nevada and have been practicing for four years. Growing up in hair salons, I watched my mother make customers feel incredible and fell in love with it. Fixing nail issues and beautifying feet and nails is incredibly fulfilling. I also love making people feel relaxed with massage and in the process meeting incredible people with unique lives."

Best Salon & Spa In Carson City's Spa Day

Stepping in, you are offered  your choice of refreshment. Champaign, wine, tea, or coffee to start of your experience. You will be prompted to change into a robe and socks as the relaxation process begins. There are two full treatments offered per customer, one with Mahira Gomez and a second with Laura Segura.

Spa Day Part A & B

With Mahira, a full back and arm treatment with layers of skincare and massage to relax the muscles and clear away any dead skin. This makes way for revitalized growth and enhances circulation. Following, Laura will put you to sleep with a warm shampoo and conditioning with amazing head massage followed by a Flowerfall. The Flowerfall is a special OWAY treatment to add nutrients, vitamins, and moisture to the hair. This treatment stays on with you when you leave and should be left for the following two days.

Spa Day Part C

Upon leaving the second treatment, you will sit as the infrared dryers heat your hair to seal the product into your hair. We will massage your arms and hands as the treatment dries. As the day comes to a close, you are served fruit, warm and hot food followed by dessert.

Our Spa Day occurs once a month, but look out! Due to popular demand we may be adding a second day every month to accommodate the events popularity.

Sub 5: Our Exclusive Quality OWAY Products

OWAY Products is the star of the event.  With extraordinary ingredients that offer an extraordinary experience. Biodynamically grown in Balognia, Italy, OWAY ingredients grow on farms that have not touched chemicaly fertilizers in over 100 years. We distill the organic herbs and plants and package them in aluminum and glass bottles. Additionally, OWAY packages with 100% decomposable material. All products are free of the following:


We are so proud of our experts, the salon, and the products and service we can provide our customers. We are excited to see you Carson City!

Call to schedule an appointment and learn more about LaNova Beauty!

Shop exclusive OWAY Products and learn more at OwayProducts!

Finding Your Perfect Product

If you have any questions about what product will best suit your hair and your hair vision, I am always happy to help. Shoot me an email at Or text @ 775.315.9300 I am quick to respond and so happy to help on your journey to healthy and happy hair!

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