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Behind the Best Organic Hair Company: OWAY

AUGUST 09, 2020


Organic Way (OWAY) is the result of a historical journey and experience that started in 1948 in Bologna, Italy - where Italian quality meets nature. Today, it has gained popularity in over 70 countries after being founded by the Italian Rolland group. Wholeheartedly, Oway is the world's first professional hair care, color, and styling line, using organic, biodynamic, pure essential oils. Furthermore, all products are handled with fair trade treatment.

CHEMICAL FREE INGREDIENTS Oway built a title as an expert in the unique industry of using botanical ingredients to create agricosmetic product treatments and rituals, with combines extraordinary performance through pure concentrated ingredients. Initially, it was created out of a passionate belief in respect for the green environment and out of the zeal to promote waste reduction to a high extent. Holistically, the Organic Way of life begins at the company, and believes that making use of the farming method to manufacture pure ingredients is a sign of respect for nature. With the use of renewable energy and recycling, the future is sustainable. Repeatedly, through the results that clients experience and the support that cosmetologist receive, OWAY proves to be more than just a simple brand. Instead they display a set of values designed to promote an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle. These goals, features, and values have simply resulted in a wide range of unique popularity, which makes it the leading company in the production and distribution of natural quality hair, and other beauty products in its own caliber of quality. Among all other companies I’ve tried, many of which I have liked, using OWAY products in the past years has given organic hair care a new meaning. The green chemist created a beautiful balance between nature and performance, with nourishing techniques that even the most sensitive of my clients love.

BEST ORGANICS COMPANY No doubt, OWAY products are the leading professionals in the health and beauty world and leave very happy customers. Indeed, OWAY products are amazingly powerful. In addition, their expertise in producing natural hair and beauty care products can't be compared to any other company out there because they maintain the best quality in creating all products, take this from an experienced cosmetologist who has seen MANY products. Organic salons like mine, use OWAY products to give my clients the best experience, of course, everyone knows how effective naturally made organic products can be. Increasingly, the brand has gained so much popularity in the United States. OWAY is all about professionalism at its peak, even the sale of its product is done in a professional manner, making it very exclusive. OWAY has a double quality certification, unlike any other company I have used. Even abroad in the international market and Italian cosmetic industry, it offers a high-quality management system and control standards. undoubtedly, they are design fanatics, realistic dreamers, researchers, innovators, and tireless creatives. These top-notch qualities have been put into their brand products, to maintain their unique nature, drawing customers from all over the world especially in the United States, while giving us the very best! If you are if interested in trying these incredible products, use this one time DISCOUNT CODE offered by OWAY PRODUCTS for 10% your first purchase: owaysummerlovin Organic Hair Care Products | Natural Products for Curly Hair Favorites for curly hair HERE Oway Organic Hair Product Chemist | Chemical Free Quality Favorites for damaged hair HERE Volumized beautiful colored hair | Oway Volumizing Root Spray Add volume HERE I hope you love the products as much as my customers, FINDING YOUR PERFECT PRODUCT If you have any questions about what product will best suit your hair and your hair vision, I am always happy to help. Shoot me an email at Or text @ 775.315.9300 I am quick to respond and so happy to help on your journey to healthy and happy hair! Laura Segura WRITTEN BY LAURA SEGURA

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