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All of OWAY'S vegan and chemical free products start with quality ingredients -- this includes the biodynamic beCurly ingredients in the 3 piece beCurly Line. You may wonder what exactly makes an ingredient quality. We have oh so many reasons and are ready to share!

BECURLY QUALITY INGREDIENTS START WITH THE DIRT - BIODYNAMICS It actually starts with the animals! Yes, that's right, the animals and their food. Indeed all that is consumed also comes out, OWAY ensures that the animals have a say in the farming practices. The compost that is used to feed the family farms in southern Italy is important to the mineral density in the soil. As a matter of fact, mineral dense compost and soil is key to rich and powerful plants. After we ensure that the soil has the perfect balance of nutrients, we continue to maintain this balance and integrity by rotating the crops seasonally. This cycle of crop rotation ensures that the ground stays fertile. This is because it received nutrients from many types of crops over the course of the years. This process is called Biodynamics and is one of the main reasons, OWAY is set apart in the industry. Additionally, learn more about OUR FARMS AND PROCESS HERE! BECURLY INGREDIENTS - THE SECRET FORMULA Ba-Dum-Bum Drum roll please! Introducing our three starship BeCulry Line Ingredients: Biodynamic Licorice Root, Organic Hypericum Extract and Ethical Crabwood Oil. With unquestionable quality, just wait till you get a read on these babies.

LICORICE EXTRACT Licorice Extract is incredible for the Hair! Firstly, the glycyrrhizin acid it contains reactivates blood microcirculation of the scalp. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate the hair and scalp to sooth redness and inflammation of the scalps skin.

HYPERICUM EXTRACT A plant of legends, Herban tradition considers Hypericum a particularly solar plant. What does this mean? Its properties protect, sooth and are anti-free-radicals that preserve the youth of the hair fiber. For our customers that means longer lasting, shiny and youthful hair!


This tropical wood is a precious cosmetic ingredient with exceptional restoring, hydrating and soothing properties. Crabwood promotes healthy hair growth! It is excellent for curly hair, making them bouncy, soft and nourished.


The whole family will do wonders to transform your hair and provide soft, luscious curls that are moisturized and healthy!

CURLY HAIR BATH OWAY curly hair shampoo, leaves your hair clean without stripping it of its minerals and natural oils so it can maintain its moisture and natural beauty.

CURLY HAIR MASK This conditioner creates a new home for your curls and will change your definition of soft and healthy. CURLY HAIR POTION OWAYS customers favorite beCurly product. Curly hair potion truly works magic. It creates healthy bouncy curls and delivers long lasting shape and definition. Curls are left soft, touchable and frizz-free with the fragrant aroma only found in quality OWAY. WHY YOU SHOULD TRY OWAY We specialize in vegan, chemical free and biodynamic products because we know that the chemicals in our hair and skin products don't make it easy to find ingredients that benefit our body and our world and our hair. My personal experience in the hair industry with the corporate hair products left me bedridden and looking for a new path to continue my career in a way that would not harm my body and my customers.

FINDING YOUR PERFECT PRODUCT If you have any questions about what product will best suit your hair and your hair vision, I am always happy to help. Shoot me an email at Or text @ 775.315.9300 I am quick to respond and so happy to help on your journey to healthy and happy hair! is so glad to team up with click the link to see how it happened.


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