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Experience the wonders of indulgent luxury with food and beverage. Leave the outside world behind by changing into a plush, white robe. Choose your favorite beverage and start relaxing. Each person or group will feel as if the whole day was made just for them.

Give yourself a day of restoration for just $135.00.


Please call to sign up.


Future Luxury Spa Days:

February 19, 2022

March 26, 2022

April 23, 2022

May 14, 2022

July 23, 2022

November 12, 2022

December 10, 2022

Image by Toa Heftiba


with Mahira Gomez

Renew your skin's youthful feel with this stress remover. Start with a soothing detox body wash to warm your back and arms while cleansing the surface of the skin. With a steamer, experience a warm sugar rub, salt scrub, and a back and arm massage, all while luxuriously exfoliating the skin and loosening the muscles as the steamer opens your pores. Relax as warm towels are placed gently onto the skin to remove excess oils and dead skin cells. A relaxation massage soothes your cares away using Oway's incredible Velvet Body Fluid that is rubbed into your arms and back, leaving your skin feeling soft for days.

Image by Annie Spratt


with Laura Segura

This anti-aging floral waterfall will soothe your mind and body while nourishing your hair. Enjoy a rejuvenating scalp massage with shampoo as well as transport you into your beneficial restful state. Breathe deep with the essence of a floral garden flowing onto your head and cascading through your hair, using Oway's exclusive glass Hydro-Dhara. Concentrated nutrition to your hair, allows your entire body to be drenched in the restoration of relaxation.

View the Oway Flowerfall
+ Hydro-dhara here.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


Breathe and Relax

Our Oxygen Bar is like no other because we paired it with the Osaki total body massage chair, which is an amazing experience on its own. As you recline in an anti-gravity position, you can choose between eucalyptus or lavender essential oils for your oxygen. As you breathe in life-giving oxygen, you will have a full massage from your head to your toes in the chair.

View the Osaki massage chair here.

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