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Radiance Face Balm

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Radiance Face Balm: Nourishes the skin and gives compactness to the skin barrier. Luminous, smooth skin thanks to antioxidants and natural polyphenol.

Signature Scent: Warm, enchanting aroma made with pure, steam-distilled essential oils and plant concentrates.

Size: 50 ml



Radiance Face Balm in Oway Skincare:

Radiance Face Balm Oway's Luminating and Smoothing face Moisturizer is made with biodynamic farming and green chemistry. Oway's Moisturizing Balm has a velvety consistency that blends and nourishes the skin. Further providing compactness to the skin barrier. Additionally, it creates luminous and smooth skin thanks to antioxidants and its natural polyphenol content.

Radiance Balm has a light, warm, enchanting aroma made with pure, steam-distilled essential oils and plant concentrates.

How To Apply:

In the morning and evening, apply RADIANCE FACE BALM on clean, damp face and neck after the Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream and Tonic Potion. Additionally, for enhanced targeted action, use in combination with the REPLUMPING BOOSTER  and the REGENERATING BOOSTER.

The Special Ingredients:

Firstly, biodynamic Walnut is rich in vitamin C. It has flavonoids, and tannins, which have anti-age, anti-blemish and anti-redness action.

Then, organic Chia has a high content of Omega-3 and essential fatty acids (82%). This dramatically supports dry skin and stimulates the lipid barrier to begin rebuilding.

Furthermore, ethically produced Patauà is high in Omega-9 and palmitic acid. These provide another layer of deep nourishment and also assists the formation of a lipophilic protective layer on the skin. Effectively preventing trans-epidermal water loss.

Lastly, the Plant of Beauty, Alias CISTUS INCANUS increases the skin’s defenses against aging. This is done by neutralizing lipid oxidation and the repairing the resulting DNA damage.

Size: 125ml, 50 ml

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Certainly,if you like the purity of out products, here is more information on how OWAY grows these chemical free, biodynamic, and quality ingredients. Above all, OWAY (Organic Way) is  excited to share our journey and mission with you HERE!


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