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Miracle Eye Complex

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Coveted as the "plant of beauty," Cistus Incanus contains an abundance of antioxidants that preserve skin's youth and elasticity.

Our Oway Miracle Eye Complex targets and treats dark circles, eye bags, and wrinkles with an ultra reparative combination of Organic Chia Butter, Fair Trade Pataua Oil for our revolutionary Anti-Fatigue Concentrate.

  • • Instantly revitalizes and freshens under-eye area
  • • Stimulates collagen and elastin production for a tightening effect
  • • Illuminates dark circles by thickening the under-eye skin
  • • Decongests under-eye puffiness with Brazilian Ginseng and White Lily Flower
  • • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Anti-Fatigue Concentrate of Brazilian Ginseng, White Lily, and Muira Puama, a tree that grows in the Amazon forests. This innovative synergy provides multiple benefits for the area around the eyes: deep hydration and protection, where the skin is by nature particularly thin and delicate; stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis to give anti-aging benefits. Lipolytic action aids in micro-circulation to reduce swelling and eliminate localized congestion that causes dark circles and bags. The end result is astonishing: your skin will be toned and rested and your gaze will be fresher and brighter.

 Biodynamic Walnut has a powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids that helps lock-in moisture and nutrients in the skin, making it plump and glowing.

 Organic Chia is packed full of Vitamin E, which combats inflammation and fights wrinkles.

 Fair Trade Pataua Oil prevents melanin biosynthesis, which is responsible for age spots and discoloration.

 Fair Trade Cistus Incanus contains the highest concentration of polyphenols in any European plant, providing protection against aging and oxidative stress.

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