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Hblonde Hair Bath



Oway's new Hblonde Hair Bath for toning your blonde, silver, or black hair color. Additionally moisturizing, Hblonde purple shampoo quality ingredients such as Biodynamic Dock, Organic Mullein and Ethical Date adds to the color vibrancy and an anti-yellowing effect to your hair.

How To Use:

Apply Hblond purple shampoo to wet hair, and leave on for at least 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Additionally, it is advised to integrate this product with an Oway Hair Bath for your hair type.

Active ingredients:

Ultraviolet neutralizing agents -  These agents are the latest-generation pigments that contrast the yellow and orange tones in blonde and grey hair. Naturally, they improve shine and purity in blonde hair.

Bio-dynamic dock: Has a high content of iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium remineralizing hair fiber, while vitamins A and C offer energy and antioxidant protection. Dock is grown using the purest farming techniques completely excludes pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Ethical date oil: As an effect of being rich in saponins, it has moisturizing and restorative qualities and nourishes while restoring hair elasticity and delivers lasting improvement to the structure of the hair fiber. Additionally, flavonoids, give antioxidants that help fight cellular aging.

Phytocomplex based on organic mullein: This complex is an active techno-botanical ingredient with extraordinary illuminating power. Using the principle of photoluminescence transforms invisible UV rays adding extraordinary shine increasing hair brilliance while protecting against photo-oxidative stress from UV rays and makes hair look younger.

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If you like the purity of our products, here is more information on how OWAY grows. Biodynamics is Oway and we are excited to share our story with you HERE!

SIZE 240ml

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