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Zero Waste Beauty Product Tips

JULY 30, 2020


We make sure the environment feels the love everyday. And we can share the love even more love with these amazing Zero Waste Tips. What's Zero Waste? Find out here! First things first, jars! Jars are a zero waster's best friend. OWAY products does their best to keep up the earth-friendly approach to healthy beauty through packaging their products in only reusable jars and aluminum tubes. Tip 1: Tight Spaces are no problem! We realize that the shoulders and small openings of the jars can sometimes make them hard to clean... but there are a multitude of ways to make your life easier with these zero waste cleaning supplies (links below) This malleable straw brush works well for small openings! (link here)

Tip 2: Easy pour Easy drank Don't spill iced tea on yourself! We've all had those mason jar accidents... but that can come to an end. While mason jars aren't the easiest to drink out of, OWAY bottles stout opening make up for a great water bottle. The opening also comes in handy when you are trying to pour liquid from one container to the next. (no more mason jar messes! :)

Tip 3: Awesome grade Amber glass If you want to protect your cleaning supplies, lotions, etc. from the sun, using amber glass is a great way to do it. All of OWAY's jars are made with amber glass which have natural UV blocking capabilities!

Tip 4: Pump it Up! While OWAY caps and lids are recyclable, they're cooler when they are reusable... especially the pumps! Pumps are great for diy hand soaps, scrubs (we recommend thin ones), and anything else that requires quick and easy access. There's nothing like a pump!

More tips to come! Stay Tuned!


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