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The Power of Color Protective Shampoo

JULY 30, 2020


Color protective shampoo is changing the game of vibrant and lasting hair color. Don't tell me, you just got your hair colored and it is already starting to look dull and washed out? What happened? I used to ask myself what I could do to make my customers hair color last longer. I am committed to creating vibrant hair that lasts long after their root touch up's. What could I do to produce the shiny vibrancy for longer? It could not just be the need for more vitamins and biotin in their diet.

DO OTHER SHAMPOOS PROTECT COLOR? I learned later that I was asking the wrong questions. The new question I urge my customers to ask is : What am I using to shampoo and condition my hair? Many shampoos contain toxins and sulfates, such as sodium lauryl sulfate which strips the hair of its oils and color. Sulfate free shampoo is a great option for improved hair health and is also encouraged by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). The AAD says sulfates can be harsh on the hair as well as to the skin and scalp. Although these chemicals make shampoo bubbly, they damage your beautiful hair. Sometimes it is the minor habits we overlook that create the greatest damage. COLOR PROTECTIVE SHAMPOO STARTS WITH QUALITY However, we can fix this by creating new healthy hair rituals. OWAY created a product that uses biodynamic, organic and fair-trade ingredients. This product family is Color Up and has truly altered the hair of my regularly coloring customers. These products can be sold individually or as a set which include OWAY’s shampoo, conditioner, and color protection spray Color Up which preserve and protect colored hair. The products are made of antioxidant rich ingredients that protect and help the hair rapidly rebuild. Firstly, the Red Grape Vine allows for an enhanced strengthening of the hair strands protective layer. Additionally, the organic Goji Berry builds hair elasticity to prevent breakage. Lastly, the Fire Tulip Tree ensures that your hair retains the moisture and minerals to help the strand fully close after the color is inserted. All of the products are infused with amino acid complexes to help your hair shine brighter than ever, naturally. Color Up Family

See for yourself how these natural, soothing OWAY products improve your hair.


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