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What is Silk n’ Glow?

Silk n’ Glow is the best chemical-free and plant-based product on the market that I have found to regulate frizzy, thick, and unstructured hair. This mission is achieved through two primary methods which I find incredibly effective in taming frizz and smoothing my customer's beautiful hair. Firstly, it aims to infuse nutrients deeply into the fiber of the hair to help it build strength and resilience form the inside out. Secondly, it polishes and shines the surface of the strand.

Where Do Frizz and Dullness Come From?

There is no secret about what causes frizzy and dull hair. To regulate frizzy, thick, and unstructured hair one must act on two fronts: infuse nutrients deeply in the hair fiber and polish the superficial surface. Frizzy and dull hair is, in fact, characterized by uplifted and irregular cuticles. When in this state, the hair surface does not reflect light, and hair appears dull and opaque. SILK’N GLOW cleanser brings a first regulating effect. The nutritious treatment transforms hair matter into pure silk. The serum is the final touch that coats the hair with micro-particles of light. A synergy of restructuring, nourishing, and silkening active ingredients. Biodynamic Oats, organic Cupuaçu butter, and ethical Brazilian Nut make for soft and shiny hair: pure silk.

The Godsent Ingredients

Biodynamic Oat Extract

The Oat Extract restructures dry and arid hair. It contains beta-glucan which moisturizes and helps the hair build a protectively forming film to inhibit free radicals in food, the air, and other products that damage your hair's integrity.

Organic Cupaucu Butter

This high-quality Brazilian nuts’ value comes from its seeds. They are processed through a cold press to release a butter with excellent hydrating and softening properties. Furthermore nourishing and enriching the hair fibers for maximized brightness and strength.

Ethical Brazilian Nut Oil

This incredible nut is chock-full of water-soluble vitamins A and B. Additionally reducing frizz, providing high shine to hair while making it easy to comb.

Give Silk n’ Glow a Try…Your Hair Will Thank You

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