Hello and Welcome!
My Name is Laura Segura
I am so pleased to bring you the best professional salon products I have found in my 30-year career. After becoming ill from toxic overload, working in a chemically saturated environment for years, my body was done. From my sick bed, I started reading and going to natural doctors to get well. I had to change. I loved doing hair and I didn't want that to change, so I searched for natural products to continue creating beautiful hair. 
It took about 10 years of many trials and errors before I finally discovered OWAY.
When I switched over to OWAY, my spirits soared and my customers' hair became glorious! Working with concepts such as fairly traded, eco-friendly, biodynamically grown, organically sourced, and green chemistry created products, I was amazed! My business grew to afford a location of my dreams, with my favorite esthetician working by my side, and we opened the first OWAY salon in our region.
On my journey to building our beautiful salon, I wished to share the products with as many people as I could. This has been such a wonderful experience for my entire family. We have all learned so much about this incredible product, customer care, web design and more. My husband, Pedro, has helped me every step of the way. Our three kids, Jezalea, Shaylin, and Casanova, have added so much to the success of this website. My friend and the most amazing esthetician I know, Mahira Gomez, has increased the value of the salon to exceptional heights. Now with our growth, we are adding relatives to help with shipping. 
We are grateful for this product line and your continued support of our website.
La Nova Beauty Culture 
Breathe Deeply, Relax, Refresh, Renew 
Our Salon and Spa specializes in skin, hair, and body treatments designed for renewed appearance and refreshed spirit. We welcome guests to listen to our restorative music and breathe in the healing essential oils as you are treated to the many services we offer. Our atmosphere is designed to allow relaxation while receiving any service, shopping for hair or skin needs, or while waiting for a friend. 
Leave the cares of the world outside and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of tranquility, allowing the pure pleasure of Earth's renewing plants to bring your natural beauty to life.
La Nova Beauty 
The New Organic Beauty