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Silver Steel Hair Bath


Silver Steel Hair Bath, a brass-banishing shampoo that neutralizes unwanted yellow and golden tones, enhancing the hair’s vibrancy and shine. Biodynamic Rice, Organic Agrimony, Ethical Carambola, and Phyto-Peptides cleanse and nourish the hair from the inside out to keep it looking healthy and strong.

Ideal for clients with grey, blonde and white hair.

 RESURRECTION PLANT: An extraordinary plant with the ability to survive in extremely harsh, dry conditions. Giving this plant, a regenerating, anti-oxidative, moisturizing effect on the hair, skin, and scalp.

ORGANIC MAQUI: Also called Patagonian Blueberry, is considered the most powerful super berry found in nature. This fruit contains delphinidin, which produces cellular energy and slows down the aging process.

ETHICAL BACURI BUTTER: Rich in vitamins A, B, and C, with antioxidants and minerals, is a nourishing and natural emollient for the skin and hair.

ZEOLITE: Gives an anti-stress, re-mineralizing, and detoxifying action on the hair scalp. It's particularly effective for sensitive skin.

SIBERIAN GINSENG: Has phytonutrients that tone, brighten and energize the skin. known for its anti-aging benefits.

BIOFERMENTS: These remarkable techno-botanicals supply essential nutrients to the hair and skin. Strengthening the cellular cohesion of the tissues, making them more firm and compact. They also stimulate the repair and regeneration of the skin.

PHYTO-PEPTIDES: Another innovative techno-botanical, its small molecular weight has the ability to deeply condition and restore the hair fiber from the inside out. Giving strength, volume, and structure to the hair.

PLANT-DERIVED HYALURONIC ACID: Increases cell hydration, improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, densifies, and compacts the skin.

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