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Velvet Body Fluid

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Restore the integrity of the skin's barrier for immediately softer skin, igniting lipid synthesis for firmer, more compact skin.
What Velvet Body Fluid Does 

 Soft, creamy consistency instantly softens and hydrates skin

 Increases skin firmness and elasticity

Repairs the skin's outer layer for the skin to maintain optimal hydration levels

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

What Velvet Body Fluid is Made of

Plant of Immortality plays a dual-active role to improve the integrity of the skin's barrier while stimulating lipid synthesis for firmer, toned skin.

 Biodynamic Walnut has a powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids that helps lock-in moisture and nutrients in the skin, making it plump and glowing.

 Organic Chia is packed full of Vitamin E, which combats inflammation and fights wrinkles.

 Fair Trade Pataua Oil prevents melanin biosynthesis, which is responsible for age spots and discoloration.

Apply over the entire body, massaging in a circular motion to facilitate absorption. For enhanced, targeted action, use in conjunction with Oway's Slim & Shape Booster or Tone & Lift Booster

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