Strong Pure Natural Ingredients: Your Hair Will Thank You


Are you on the search for the elusive silky smooth head of thick hair? As a cosmetologist for over 30 years and can confirm with certainty that the majority of product advertisements are a load of photoshopped nonsense  — but not all of them. I sincerely hope that you can benefit from my long search for what I consider to be the very best product on the market, which is not surprisingly - made of strong, pure, natural ingredients as opposed to the man made chemicals that overburden the market. 

After falling ill for months in my early 30’s from the harsh chemicals I was putting on my clients: aka... perm solution, color, bleach, hairspray, and personal skincare routine etc. My lifestyle took a drastic change for the better as realized my body could not handle the environment of commercialized chemical ingredients  — and that it could not be good for my customers. I dove headfirst into the search for products made of real healthy ingredients, instead of the chemicals that burn your nose, skin, and hair. So what is the magic product?...


I’ve found many good product companies in the past 30 years, and have finally settled on a GREAT one. OWAY has far surpassed any other professional product I have ever used and is the product that I now use exclusively.

Unlike any other product I have used, the entire line is SLS & SLES Free | Paraben Free | Preservative Free | Petroleum Free | PEG, PPG, & BG Free | EDTA Free | Artificial Colorants Free | Synthetic Fragrance Free | Nickel Tested. TRULY INCREDIBLE and what a difference it has made in the hair of my clients.

From the amazing smell of the ingredients to the immediate feel of their hair or bounce of their curls, I am constantly amazed by the power that the organic ingredients have. I have listed two of my customers favorite products down below with the hope that by spreading this education, I can share this gift of OWAY with so many other that struggle with their ideal hair. Where should you start?...


Silk’n Glow is a savior for dry or frizzy hair. It works miracles when Repairing and restoring damaged or over processed hair by using Biodynamic Oats, Organic Cupuacu butter and Fair Trade Brazil Nut.

Curly Family is an all time favorite with so many of my clients. It creates healthy, bouncy curls with revolutionary plant cellulose polymers that create a long lasting shape and definition. Curls are left soft, touchable and frizz-free. 

Feel free to call and tell me about your hair, I would be happy to provide a free consultation to ensure you get the product that will be most beneficial to YOU. You buy and don't like? A full refund is headed your way. Enjoy OWAYS gift to your hair!

Finding Your Perfect Product

If you have any questions about what product will best suit your hair and your hair vision, I am always happy to help. Shoot me an email at Or text @ 775.315.9300 I am quick to respond and so happy to help on your journey to healthy and happy hair!

 Your Hairs Finest Advocate,

Love Laura