The Champion of Vibrant Hair Color: The Sage Cycle

Long Lasting Color? OWAY's Sage Cycle

Why do we care about the role that OWAY's Sage Cycle plays in products? Indeed, we care because as the industry moves towards natural ingredients, we realize that not all processes and ingredients are equal. Importantly, we are very excited to announce the integration of SAGE! It should be noted that for the first time, biodynamic and organic Sage macerate is the first ingredient in our hair coloring formulations.

Moreover, this starship ingredient is making significant impact. Especially strong as there is now an extraordinary concentration of over 35% in every shade. Uniquely, Sage macerate gives Agricolor beneficial polishing, antioxidant and soothing power -- making OWAY colors immensely vibrant and long lasting. 

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The Sage Cycle: Say Yes to Color

STEP 1: Firstly, we harvest and dry the plant leaves and stems. Secondly, we transfer the premium sage from the fields to the OWAY products facilities where we process it through the sage cycle.


Sage Changing the Color Game

STEP 2: Our macerator operates according to the traditional method, using only ozonated water. This means there are no additional  solvents. Furthermore, during the processing, sage gradually releases its active ingredients to water, becoming macerated sage.

Sage Cycle goes Full Circle

STEP 3: After maceration, we incorporate the spent parts of the plant into other ingredients. These remains are diverse additions to our biodynamic compost pile, which is the only fertilizer we allow to nourish the Ortificia farm.


OWAY's Commitment to Mother Earth

Importantly, we make the Agricolor tubes and Agriplus tubes of aluminium, a 100% natural material that is recyclable. We then package the tubes in cases made of TREE-FREE paper which is obtained from sugar cane processing waste (NO tree cutting - woohoo!). Additionally, we print the color chart on TREE-FREE paper and enclose it in a wooden box. If you are curious, Agritone and Agricatalyst bottles, used in Italy for precious olive oil, are made of glass. But not just for aesthetics, glass is a 100% natural sustainable material that can be recycled.


ColorUp Family 

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YES! Color Protection Hair Bath

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FINALLY Color Protection Veil

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