Plant and Mineral Refresh: The Ingredients

Plant and Mineral Refresh Active ingredients for Sebum Oil Excess

Plant and Mineral Refresh...what is that? Have you ever used dry shampoo before? My goodness you are missing out. Now if you're like me, every once in a while, you look in the mirror and double take. Asking yourself, does my hair look a little greasy, you shrug and throw it in a hair tie because...whelp, no time for a shower now. This is one place where Plant and Mineral Refresh is the perfect solution. Just a few sprinkles on the roots to absorb all the sebum (excess oil) and you are good to go for the day. 

Excuse Me, but I wash my hair on the daily

We've got you too! What is special about OWAY, is that this mixture is chalk full of nutrients and actually helps to balance the oil in your scalp and add nutrients to your hair. Well maybe you're thinking, that never happens to me. If you are one of those very punctual few, don't rule dry shampoo out because not only does it offer scalp health benefits, but it also adds great volume and texture to any hairstyle without heat of any liquid styling mixture. Plant and mineral refresh is great for almost any occasion. The waterless botanical-mineral cleansing and volumizing hair blend great for oily scalps and the very busy you.

What is Plant and Mineral Refresh Made From?

Amazingly, 100% plant and mineral based / Waterless / Talc Free. Our Plant and Mineral Refresh is also dermatologically tested and Nickel tested!



  • Continuously refreshes your look without the need for water
  • Also absorbs excess sebum leaving hair light, voluminous and delicately scented
  • Furthermore lengthens times between washes
  • Additionally, arranges your hair in every situation quickly
  • Absolutely helps the hairstyle last longer
  • Definitely decreases thermal stresses related to the use of hot tools for drying and styling
  • Demineralizes and strengthens the hair
  • Calms itching and irritation
  • Read from the mouth of OWAY HERE


  • Easily gives life and volume to roots of clean or unclean hair
  • Additionally, ideal for fine hair, because it gives body without weighing hair down
  • Also suitable for straight, curly, wavy, fine-to-thick hair


Furthermore, for the best results, spread on the roots and massage to distribute the product. If there is any residue feel free to brush through your hair!



  • Biodynamic mint: astringent and purifying, it lightens and refreshes roots, helping them to purify themselves from excess sebum. Also stimulating the growth of healthy hair. With antiseptic properties, it fights scalp itching.
  • Cassava and rice starch: a complex of starches of different and balanced molecular weight that absorb greasiness and give lightness to hair. With soothing properties, they also provide comfort to the scalp. With rich proteins, they strengthen the hair stem. 
  • Organic orange: gives shine and energy. With sebum-regulating properties, orange is recommended for oil-prone hair.
  • Pumice stone: a lava stone powder that works synergically with starches, completing their sebum-absorbing action. It demineralizes and energizes the hair fiber.
  • Zeolite: also known as the "body scavenger" due to its purifying and detoxifying properties, zeolite absorbs toxins and chemical products. Furthermore it traps them within its crystalline structure and removes them from the body. A scalp ally, it relieves scalp irritation and fights free radicals.
  • Ethical Amazonian pink clay: obtained from mixing red and white clay, it has skin-purifying and softening properties. It works directly on the scalp and regulates sebum production.


36 Gr

 Finding Your Perfect Product

If you have any questions about what product will best suit your hair and your hair vision, I am always happy to help. Shoot me an email at Or text @ 775.315.9300 I am quick to respond and so happy to help on your journey to healthy and happy hair!