Oway Soothing Hair Bath


Oway Soothing Hair Bath instantly soothes and relieves red, irritated or sensitive skin with a calming combination of Biodynamic Fennel Essential Oil, Helichrysum, Chamomile and Organic Amaranth Extract. This ultra healing, gentle formulation is free from ethoxylated surfactants and all sulfates.

Great for sensitive skin types, sufferers of eczema and/or psoriasis and a great children shampoo.

Packaged in infinitely recyclable amber glass to protect ingredient integrity,

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Made From:

Biodynamic Fennel Essential Oil gently cleanses and soothes irritated skin and scalps with anti-inflammatory properties.



 Biodynamic Helichrysum is ideal for calming redness and protecting even the most sensitive skin types from irritation and discomfort.


 Biodynamic Chamomile Extract is a renowned medicinal remedy for relieving redness and inflammation of the skin and body.


 Organic Amaranth Extract is rich in fatty acids, protein and minerals that give the hair body and shine.