Loving Chemical Free Curly Hair

Chemical Free Curly Hair Has Arrived!

You have finally found the chemical free curly hair products that work! OWAY loves your curls and we want you to love them more than anything which is why we have constructed the perfect formula.

Oway's BeCurly Line is a premium product and top seller because of its great performance and smell. It adds bounce and hydration for naturally curly and permed hair.

THE SAD TRUTH about Chemicals in Curly Hair Products

I would agree with you, the recent studies and legal battles on curly hair products is appalling and a reminder to be a conscious consumer. There are so many great advantages to a capital market. contrarily, one of the pitfalls is harmful ingredients take a while to circulate out of the system and our shelves.

Did you know our skin is our largest organ? It constantly absorbs everything that it touches. Because of this OWAY strives to add health and value to your body and hair through pure ingredients. This makes the chemical free curly hair product line BeCurly a great investment for your body and head. I made the switch and decided to take my health and the health of my customers into my own hands and my life has transformed.

Furthermore, with chemical straighteners caught with 11.8% formaldehyde (far exceeding the maximum FDA amounts), it is a scary world for chemical products. I was outraged that I had been putting products on my customers that are now being linked to cancer. Not to mention all of the time I have spent sick in bed from the fumes of harmful bleaches and perming solutions. It is so important to know what we are putting in our bodies so take a look at some more CHEMICALS TO AVOID in your hair product search! Now on to what you came to hear about: chemical free curly hair products!


Why Are We The Best Chemical Free Curly Hair Products on the Market?


Ingredients! Yup ingredients! That's right ingredients! And better yet, QUALITY ingredients.  Here are the top 3 included in the curly hair line:



 Licorice Extract     Hypericum Extract     Crabwood Oil

To hear more about the properties of these amazing ingredient see HERE!

What is OWAYS Chemical Free Curly Hair Line?

Introducing BeCurly's three exceptional Products. The synergic treatments in the BECURLY line acts the needs of curly hair at 360°. The hair bath and mask favor rehydration and help detangle knots, carrying nutrients and sealing the follicles to turn dullness into shine.

Undoubtedly, curly potion is an honest to goodness bounce elixir, which with its fine texture, gives support, definition and separation. The synergy of biodynamic Licorice, organic Hypericum and ethical Crabwood give nourishment, bounce and vigor. Biodynamic Licorice Extract soothes the hair and scalp, while promoting penetration of other active ingredients. 

Organic Hypericum Extract is traditional herb that eliminates free radicals and preserves curls youthful bounce.

 Fair Trade Crabwood Oil is an exceptional botanical for promoting soft, hydrated curls.

 Coconut and Babassu-derived Surfactants are extraordinarily effective, yet gentle cleansing agents that respect the hair's delicate hydrolipid balance.

Curly Hair Bath 

YAY! Curly Hair Bath cleanses naturally curly and permed hair with extreme gentleness. Provides an intense anti-frizz action.  With biodynamically grown and chemical free ingredients it is a great curly hair shampoo

Curly Hair Mask 

Thank you! Curly Hair Mask is a conditioner and mask that perfectly detangles and defines curls without weighing them down. It moisturizes and strengthens the hair keratin in curly hair.


Curly Hair Potion 

Finding Your Perfect Product

If you have any questions about what product will best suit your hair and your hair vision, I am always happy to help. Shoot me an email at lauralynnsegura@gmail.com. Or text @ 775.315.9300 I am quick to respond and so happy to help on your journey to healthy and happy hair!

Finally! Curly Potion shapes, models and moisturizes curls. It creates perfect separation and definition.


These chemical free curly hair products are are all so wonderful and work together like a dream. I have hands down received more reorders of the curly hair line than any other product. BeCurly is a favorite among my customers and I am so glad to be able to share it with you. I would highly recommend trying the whole Curly Hair Family!

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