Healthy Hair Challenge: Overcoming Winter Dryness

Rest assured that your fairy godmother OWAY is here to help you this winter in your Healthy Hair Challenge. It isn’t your genes, your hair doesn’t have to be dull, splitting at the ends with fading color. You can have picture perfect glimmering tresses.

You will be amazed at your hairs transformation as the dullness fades turns to a healthy shine and your hair gains strength after following this regime. Without further ado, here it is!


Challenge 1: Make a habit of drinking at least half a gallon of water every day for healthy hair

Drink Up Folks: Healthy Hair is Hydrated Hair

Who knew? Each strand of hair is made up of 25% water. Up your water intake and you will be amazed as the dullness fades from your hair and is replaced by a nice shine and your hair gains strength and less split ends appear.


Challenge 2: Invest in a chemical free moisturizing and protective oil to keep your hair happy and healthy

Did you know our hair is chalk full of natural oils and minerals which keep it healthy and the strands thick and protected? Additionally, the oil keeps the moisture in and the color beautiful. Furthermore, heat, hair color and bleach all add damage to the hair and try out the follicle leading to the dullness and dryness that can cause breakage. This is why it is necessary to give your hair a little hand up and help it with the oil.

Unless you enjoy a greasy and olive smelling head, steer clear of lathering it with olive oil or coconut oil. Luckily, there are some incredible formulas specially made for your hairs health.

I recommend OWAY shine and Protection Glossy Nectar, it is the best natural product that I have found and smells incredible. On your way to healthy hair!

 OWAY Shine and Protection Glossy Nectar


Challenge 3: Healthy hair gets a deep conditioning or hair mask for 60+ minutes once a week

Lets face it, the nutrition that our hair, skin and body needs doesn’t all come from our food anymore. The mineral and vitamin deficiency in today’s agriculture make it hard to live purely off of our food. So throw on that rom-com or pull out that book and layer on that hair mask this weekend.

moisturizing hair mask: deep hydration


rebuilding hair mask: rebuilding for damaged hair


Challenge 4: Shampoo every other day with a sulfate free and petroleum free shampoo

Shampoo EVERY OTHER day

It’s not gross and not just for hippies. Shampoo is great to clean your hair, but it also strips it of natural oils that accumulate in order to keep it hydrated and healthy. By washing and conditioning every other day or every two days, you give your hair the opportunity to naturally maintain its shine and strength.

frequent use hair and scalp bath

curly hair bath

moisturizing hair bath

silk’n glow hair bath: anti frizz shining hair bath


Read HERE for more on the hidden damaging chemicals in shampoo.


Challenge 5: Brush your hair every morning from base to ends — 100 strokes!

100 Strokes a Day They Say

98…99…100 strokes of the brush before bed. I saw for the first time from Laura Engles on an old set of Little House on the Prairie videos. Brushing your hair is vitally important to effectively distribute the moisturizing oils from the roots of your head to the ends of your hair.


Preservative Free | Petroleum Free | PEG, PPG, & BG FREE | EDTA Free | Artificial Colorants Free | Synthetic Fragrance Free | Nickel Tested

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