DUETTO Organic Dog Shampoo

Organic Dog Shampoo

Oway DUETTO is our natural dog wash uniquely created for both dogs and their owners! DUETTO meaning DUET in music, celebrates the beautiful harmony and unity between humans and our furry friends. 

I started using oway dog shampoo because of my dogs allergies. My first reaction was the natural smell. Most of the time the dog shampoo smells to much overly sweet. The Oway Duetto is so neutralizing to the "dog smell" that we don't smell any particular smell. About the allergies I believe the dandruff is fading at least it takes a lot longer to see any flakes. 

DUETTO's rich, effective formula includes an extraordinary collection of highly effective, pH-balanced ingredients: Biodynamic Verbena, Organic Althaea, Ethical Acai and Plantain Herb. Together, these powerful natural ingredients deeply cleanse, nourish, soothe and refresh the skin and coat of our furry friends.